SeaWar : The Battles

SeaWar : The Battles 2.5

SeaWar: The Battles is a classic battleship game in the space
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SeaWar is a battleship game set in space. Battleship is a traditional game, often played with pen and paper. The opponents must place "ships" onto a 10x10 grid. The ships have different sizes, and must be positioned in such way that they don´t touch each other. You can´t see your opponent´s fleet. By turns, players name coordinates on the opponent´s grid. If a player´s shot hits a ship, he can shoot again. If not, it´s his opponent´s turn. The winner is the player who destroys the entire opponent´s fleet.

In SeaWar: The Battles, you play against the computer. You can´t place your fleet in the demo version, it´s already placed for you. You can see the missiles flying, and the explosions when they hit the ships. The missed shots will be marked in blue, and the area surrounding a ship (where it´s no more possible to place another ship) will also be marked. You can play against the computer or a human opponent over the Internet, on four different game arenas. The game allows you to chat with your opponent. You will be able to use special weapons as you advance through levels.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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